Anime War Episode 13: Omni Super Saiyan Gogeta Vs Archon! The Omni King Finale

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What will Anime War Episode 13 have in store for us when Omni Super Saiyan Gogeta Vs Archon goes down? The Beyond Dragon Ball Super story brings us into the Anime War Episode 12 Manga, as the story reveals the NEW Dark Omni God, Archon battles against our heroes! Archon Vs Goku. Archon Vs Beerus. Archon Vs Jiren. Warriors from across the multiverse gather together in order to create a plan to finally put down the evil destroyer for good! How will Archon be stopped? Can Archon be stopped? With Goku and Vegeta using all the Omni Super Saiyan Powers they can, can they win? Can Omni Super Saiyan Gogeta and the Omni King win against such a power enemy? Be sure to subscribe for more daily Dragon Ball Content!

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